Audiovisual Artist

Syncman stands for synchronisation of visuals and sounds. As a performing audiovisual artist, Syncman searches to find the ideal mix of images and music. 


Syncman frequently experiments at the point of intersection of culture and social events. Always keen on a combination of (subliminal) visuals and sounds.


All pay off is combined in modern state of the art paintings, which are actually self-styled video stills. Assignments are made by galleries, companies and private persons.


And... occasionally Syncman can be found in his studio. Serving amazing espressos, his work for "the world improvement foundation" can be considered as grateful.



, 1974, Bull, Rotterdam, Camp Nou, Zorro, Alexandre Dumas, Heartbreak Hotel, St Willibrord, Cineac, Close Encounters, Orson Welles, MTV, Fame, Pink Panther, Thriller, Coca Cola, Robin Masters, Space Invader, Dufour, Sundance Kid, Maxi, Rebel Music, Doctor Who, Andy Warhol, Mr Mojo Risen, Paella, Johny B Good, Dorian Gray, David Lynch, 39 steps, Tony Montana, Unfinished Sympathy, Fruits de Mer, Firestarter, Kosinski, Porcelain, Being There, Kiss From A Rose, Travis Bickle, Calvados, Rue St Denis, Chopin, Destouches, Piccadilly Circus, Accept, Rachmaninov, Film Noir, IFFR, Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Sauvignon Blanc, Bangkok, Lola Rent, Blue Hole, Blade Runner, Modern Times, Escher, Lang Lang, God is a DJ, Love, Berlin, DVJ, Keyser Söze, Afro-Left, Metropolis, Sotomotion, Tunafisch, Vincent Vega, Supper Club, Mysterious Ways, Casius Clay, Believe, Deep Dish, Toronto, Steak Tartare, VJ-art, Usual Cowboys, Let Love Rule, St Sebastian, One Big Happy Family, Finistere, Smirnoff, Dude, Dharma, Kunstkop, Huitres, Bird of Prey, Stoploss, Ave Maria, Hotel Central, Covey, Diamond Life, PYT, Nuits St Georges, Fatboy Slim, Mr Brainwash, Big Beach Boutique, Subliminals, 38th Symphony, Deepak, Enjoy the Silence, Slangenburg, Flash, Banksy, Videostill, Hamilton, Riva, 14, Araki, Reverse Graffiti, Science Centre, Herr Zimmerman, Einstein, Culinesse, Europoort, Bitcoin, 30Love, The Thalia, Selected, Waterfront, Meese, Panama, Cherokee, Hal 4.1, Not For Sale, BuuR, Fraai, Havana, MuseumNacht, Back to Back, 2015, Go.


VJ Reel Comprehensive shorts as per below. Enjoy now!


A video still can be considered as a "frozen" image. Syncman translates his inspiration into moving images and synchronises this work with a pinch of music into a video still.
Digital Art
A Syncman video still is complementary to traditional art and is printed on the finest materials. If digital art is required, a Syncman artwork leads.
Actual prices of standardized video stills on request. For bitcoin transactions, Syncman combines a rate of exchange based upon pragmatic and yin yang emotions.
Finishing Touch
All Syncman stills are signed by the artist and come with a u-profile at the back, including an original certificate and a Syncman avatar:




On this page a small part of the current Syncman collection is shown. Customized work in consideration. Supposedly funny family snapshots declined on principle.


Size & Projection
Quite a few sizes available. An indication of possible sizes can be easily obtained with video projection on location. No additional costs are involved for asking Syncman on spot.


Challenge Syncman and be surprised.

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Syncman consult(s) by appointment
For Art/VJ shows contact
Marco de Valero

+31(0)6 - 50 88 97 87